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Educational Influences

I was extremely fortunate in the early years of working with clay to have great instructors who have influenced the direction of my work in both overt and subtle ways.
Starting in High School with Bob Gee and then later going to the University of Washington and working with ceramic artists such as Howard Kottler, Patti Warashina, and most of all Bob Sperry.
The following images are of my instructors’ work from when I worked with them in the 70s as well as a few more recent pieces.

Howard Kottler, Plate,
"Bar mitzvah Boy", 1972, 10 in.

Howard Kottler, Plate,
"Lost Supper", 1972, 10 in.

Howard Kottler, Plate,
"Look Alikes", 1972, 10 in.

Patti Warashina, "Car Kiln Series",
early 70s.

Patti Warashina,
"Banana Boy", 2003.

Patti Warashina, Plate, 2005.

Bob Sperry, Wine
Decanter, 1973, 9 in. tall.

Bob Sperry, Platter, 1975, 20 in.

Bob Sperry, Diptych, 1980, 16x32 in.

Bob Gee, Lidded Jar,

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