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Impression Plates

With my “Impression” plates, I attempt to address issues that concern or attract me.  At times searching for answers, other times asking questions. In early plates I explored my interest in science and technology, and their impact on our society. I impress the soft clay with objects, creating contemporary fossils. They are then stained black. The contents of each plate are meant to "serve up" commentaries or provoke observations of the ideas, decisions and developments that impact and leave an "impression" on our society. Since 2006 I have addressed subjects as varied as: global climate change, extinction level events, war, politics and the role of play in our lives.

1) The Ripple, 12".
2) A Simple Idea, 12". This plate is in the American Museum of Ceramic Art permanent collection.
3) Extinction To Extinction, 12".

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4)  Relativity, 12".
5) Mandelbrot Footprint, Connected and Mandelbrot Rule. All are 12".
6) Trifecta, 12".
7) The Simple Iterated Equation, 12".
8) Information Super Highway, 12".
9) Mandelbrot Measurement, 12".
10) One Giant Step, 12".
11) E=mc Mandelbrot,12.5"
12) It Can Happen, 12".
13) Global Dimming II, 12".
14) Extinction to Extinction II, 12".
15) Great White Hope, 12"

This piece "Nation Building" won first place at "Clay On the Wall" at Texas Tech Univ. in 2008

16) Nation Building, 12". It addresses the first Iraq War " Operation Iraqi Freedom".

These 4 pieces  were in the 2010 NCECA Invitational Exhibition, "Earth Matters"

17) Flirting with Disaster, 12". About global catastrophe from a meteor strike.
18) Oil Measure, 12". About acquiring oil through war.
19) The FISA Patriot, 12". Addresses the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, for oil.
20) Global Dimming, 12". Explains issues of global climate change.

These 6 pieces  were in the 2012 NCECA Invitational Exhibition "Push Play" in Seattle. They are in the Virginia Mason Medical Center permanent collection.

21) War Games, 12". Deals with violent video games as play.
22) Push Play, 12". Deals with the nexus of traditional play and technological play.
23) Big Boys Toys, 12". Deals with play, education and maturity.
24) The DNA for Play, 12". Presupposes it is in our DNA to learn from play.
25) Stop Playing and Do Your  Schoolwork, 12". This kids play mess is full of science.
26) Play 2 the Source Code, 12". Pays homage to the software for technological play.

These 4 pieces  were made for the "Build Or Bust" workshop at Rat City Studios in Seattle, in 2017. Deb Schwartzkopf invited a group of artists to work together for a weekend. So I made 16 plates to commemorate it.

This plate was for Deb and her Rat City Studio.
This plate was for fellow participant Carol Gouthro and her love of nature.
29) This celebrates the build part of the weekend.
30) This is a plate I kept for myself. You can see Buzz.
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