This page will include information about studio sales, exhibitions and awards that I have recently won. Check periodically to find out what is happening.

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                                                                     Summer 2021


  Fortunately, things are getting better. I will be opening my studio for my 2021 Summer Studio Sale, but because we are still in a transitional stage I will still be setting up appointments, it is usually Saturday and Sunday but I will be setting up hour appointments between Friday, July 30th and Saturday, August 7th.

                                               I am Still making pots and have a lot on hand!

  Before I send out work to the galleries, I hope to see old friends during that first week in August. We are vaccinated over here so I hope people are comfortable and vaccinated as well. 

                             I hope to see many of you! 

              Please email me at or call (206) 5421944 to set up a time to come by.


 My Address is 18502 6th Ave NW, Shoreline 98177. Phone (206) 5421944.

I usually have more than 600 pieces in a large variety of work I normally do. If you have any questions please contact me.

Directions: Coming from the South on I5 get off at 175th Street exit in Shoreline. Go left under the freeway (West) to Aurora (99). At Aurora turn right (North) and go to 185th. Get in the left turn lane and turn left (West). Go to the 4th stop light, which is 3rd Ave NW, and turn left (south). Go one block to the traffic circle, which is 185th, and turn right (west). You are now on 185th headed West so go to 6th Ave NW. Look to your right and I am on the NE corner of 185th and 6th Ave NW. 

Directions: Coming from the North on I5 get off at 205th Street exit in Shoreline. Go right (West) to Aurora (99). Do not veer to the right on the way it will take you to Edmonds. At Aurora (99) go straight on 205th until you go down a steep hill, at the bottom the first left turn you come to will be 3rd Ave NW, turn left (south) onto 3rd. You will go up a steep hill and go 20 blocks to 185th street. At 185th you will be at a traffic circle so turn right (west). You are now on 185th headed West so go to 6th Ave NW. Look to your right and I am on the NE corner of 185th and 6th Ave NW.  

 I have been teaching an evening Ceramics course at Shoreline Community College since 1999.         If you are interested in a college level class, contact the school to see about registration.                                                              It is Mon/Wed 6 to 9:40 pm.

Amazing Glaze Book

I will have work published in the new book Amazing Glaze: Techniques, Recipes, Finishing and Firing, by Gabriel Kline, with a forward by John Britt. 

Sam Scott and Susan Dewsnap

I had an exhibition with Susan Dewsnap at In Tandem Gallery in Bakersville, NC in Sept. 2018

Sam Scott and Susan Dewsnap
Sam Scott Doughnut Vase
Sam Scott, Black and White Jar with Handles

In September this piece won First Place, Artisan Works, at the Arts of the Terrace Exhibition in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Sam Scott B/W Yunomi

In June, 2019, I had work in the Clay AKAR Yunomi show. 


This piece won the COMET award ($500) at the 2019 Edmonds Arts Festival in June.

scott_sam_black and white jar with handl

This Vase won First Place in the Artison work catagory at the Mountlake Terrace, Arts of the Terrace Exhibition. Sept. 2019.

Black and White Vase with Handbuilt Neck